Carey Watters
teaching philosophy

I enjoy the role of the facilitator. The studio atmosphere should focus on collaboration in the building of design ideas. I see myself as a tool for the students to utilize in the development of their own design aesthetic. As an instructor of graphic design, the environment I create is professional and nurturing. Students should feel comfortable to express themselves in anyway they see fit. This is a necessary component to successful critiques and open dialog.

My experience in the field of graphic design gives me the opportunity to relate to my students in a hands on way. My expertise in the professional realm of design offers real world perspective and application of the fundamentals that they will be learning. My teaching posture is relaxed, but focuses on a dedication to craft. Students should come away with a solid understanding of core design issues and develop their own sense of design.

I teach my students to accept and trust their own sensory experience in the world.
The largest amount of knowledge can be gained by observation and participation in the studio and the active environment. My goal is to act as a filter and pass on to students significant threads that I receive from my own network of collaborative connections working across the spectrum of art and technology.

In this rapidly changing world of technology the constant should be a strong ability to communicate ideas. In the classroom, I focus on the fundamentals of solid typography, hierarchy, and design analysis. My classes are organized using a strict formula of research, development, and discussion. I utilize the charrette format which brings the perspective of all students together to intensely deconstruct a design problem. I see the designer of the future as one who is resourceful, innovative, and observant of the social, cultural, and economic issues of their clients. My goal in the classroom is for my students to feel confident in their way of seeing the world and how they approach design problems.

Finally, I see teaching as a way for me to grow as an artist and designer. The interaction, discovery and development I observe in my students reveals new perspectives I use in my own work. Design should be a living thing; growing, evolving, and adapting to the changing world around us. By sharing my enthusiasm for this subject, I revitalize my perspectives on design everyday.